The Hague Winery 2019 Wine Club


What's included:

  • 2 CASES of wine/year (eight bottles/event), including reserve reds and new releases
  • 4 FREE tasting passes/year
  • 10% discount on ALL wine purchases. 
  • 3 events/pick up parties per year


Pick Up Parties

We host 3 pick up parties per year. Each pick up party includes a full catered dinner, spritzer, wine pairing, and guest speaker. 

Past event speakers have included guests from Menokin Foundation, Steamboat Era Museum, Phil McKenney's Wild Men of Rock 'n Roll Show, Westmoreland State Park, and many others.


Sign up Now

Contact Cheryl Reamy at 804-472-5283, or by email at for application.

$625/year paid in full OR $215/pick up party